Why Adult Discipleship?


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Christianity is not a destination, it is a journey.  There will never come a day when we arrive at full understanding or full participation in all things Christian. We are constantly learning, growing, assisting others in their growth, serving more, giving more generously, etc.  This is the  process of discipleship or learning to be followers of Christ.  In an odd way the person who has been a Christian for 40 years has just as much to learn and capacity to grow as the person who has been a Christian for four days.  True, the learning might be different or deeper depending on where we are on our journey of faith, but it is nonetheless important for each of us to be life long learners of Jesus’ way of life.
Contact Jennifer Fuentecilla for more information on Adult Discipleship offerings – jennifer.fuentecilla@fumccv.org or in the Church Office at 619-656-2525.
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