Director of Modern Worship and Media Arts

Jason Yamaoka



Jason is an accomplished musician, vocalist and band leader and he will be serving as the Director of Modern Worship and Media Arts. He has been on the First United Methodist Church’s roster as a drummer, singer, and guitarist for the past 2 years. After graduating from San Diego State University with classmate Juan Carlos Acosta, he began his musical endeavors with the San Diego Opera Outreach program, taking 6 week residencies at K-6 schools around the county as their technical director. With his musical education starting at the age of 4, his performing experience beginning in Middle School and music group leadership beginning in high school, he has developed an easy-going leadership attitude with a meticulous attention to detail in performance and musical chemistry. Jason has been involved with the development of The Crossing since its inception – from sound equipment, room acoustics, as well as various performance aspects. He is also on his third year of participating in the annual POPS concert, playing the drums.