A History of Protest

Youth Daily Devotional Blog 06/04

Written by: Intern Sam B. Nguyen
Scripture Reading: Luke 23:44-48
I went to an interfaith vigil for George Floyd yesterday. It was a small affair that took place in a residential neighborhood for only a few hours. A few ministers and spiritual from different local churches and mosques in the surrounding community came to speak on how their faith interacted with the police brutality and the long history violence that our Black peers have been facing. It was tear-filled, agony-inducing, and deeply painful. One point that a minister made stuck with me though. Christianity is a faith whose history is laced with uprising, protest, and the unstopping fight for justice. From the beginning, it was a faith defined by its overwhelming ties to love, especially when that love was at the cost of strife.

After all, the man, Jesus of Nazareth, was one dark-skinned man in a long line of dark-skinned men slaughtered by an institution of political oppression and violence.

We cannot divorce ourselves from that history. We cannot separate ourselves from the political implications of Jesus’s life. And just as heaven wept at Jesus’s murder, I imagine it weeps for every unjust murder that takes place today.