Digital “Passing the Peace” Videos

One thing that we can’t do while we’re apart is to “pass the peace” like we normally do. However, we thought we could do it digitally! Take a short video with you and your loved ones (whoever you’re isolating with) and send it to us!
  1. Open the camera app on your smartphone and select video
  2. Film a short (15 second) video checking in from where you are
    1. This video should have a greeting, your name(s), and a short blessing or sentiment
    2. Be sure to have the camera landscape (meaning it is wider than it is tall). This will help ensure the videos don’t have black side margins.
    3. Position the camera at eye level or slightly above. This will be the most flattering
    4. Try not to be backlit. If there is a light source behind you, be sure there is also one in front of you, behind the video recorder
    5. Bookend your clip with smiling or looking directly into the camera. 2-3 seconds of smiling/looking directly into the camera (before you speak and after finishing) will help with cropping
  3. Email the video to