Financial Peace (Virtual) University

FUMC Chula Vista has, for over a decade, been offering classes in financial planning to its members and anyone in the community who is interested.  The training, called Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University which addresses the topics of getting out of debt, budgeting, saving, and financial generosity for charities and God’s work, has taken the form of weekly classes usually held at the church campus. As it will be some time before we all, physically, can get together for church, or classes, we have a very good alternative to offer to you.  It consists of an on-line, free 14-day trial where you will have access to the entire FPU course (If one is interested in paying for a full membership one can, of course). Several members of our church have gone through this class and have felt that it greatly improved their financial planning and budgeting life, assisted their ability to get out of debt and to be in a place where they can afford to be more generous with their resources toward God’s work to help those folks who have much greater needs than us. 

Watch from home and get the proven personal finance plan that has helped millions of people.

If you have any questions regarding this offer/class please contact Ariana Horcasitas our church Director of Finance and Administration, at ­­­­­