God the Forgiving

Youth Daily Devotional Blog: 07/14

Written by: Intern Sam B. Nguyen
Scripture Reading: Micah 7: 18-19
There are a lot of very short books in the Bible. Although the ones that we are most familiar with — books like the Gospels or the first five books of the bible — are pretty dang long, there are a few books in the middle of the book that I think deserve plenty of love, too. Micah is one such book. With only 7 chapters, Micah probably only spans a few pages in your Bible, and it’s incredibly easy to accidentally flip past it. But, in the book’s few chapters, the writer details one of the most explicit and specific warnings against wrongdoing that we find in the Bible, along with one of the most heartfelt descriptions of God’s love.

Throughout the book, the writer specifies ways that the Hebrew people and their kingdom have betrayed God. He is clear in detailing the corruption and misuse of power that has been seen throughout his society and says that these injustices will cause the Hebrew kingdom to fall. In many ways, the book is rather depressing, since almost all of it is accusing humans of their failure and sin. However, there’s a beautiful moment that the writer injects into the end of the book. In chapter 7, the writer makes a kind of heel turn away from the character of humanity, in its failure, and looks to God instead. And, in God, the writer sees the hope of salvation. Despite the incredible sin and wrong that is seen in humans, the writer sees God’s overwhelming forgiveness and has hope. These last few verses of the book offer peace, not in Humanity, but in God.