God the Healer

Youth Daily Devotional Blog: 07/16

Written by: Intern Sam B. Nguyen
Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 30: 17-21
Sometimes, we find ourselves hurt. Life can be difficult and filled with struggle. Whether it is by people or by circumstances, we can find ourselves spiritually and emotionally injured pretty severely. Some might say that it’s inevitable. And when this happens, when we find ourselves too hurt to stand or heal on our own, we need God the healer. In addition to protecting us and loving us, God offers us the incredible sacred healing that only he can, so long as we are willing to accept it.

In this passage, we see God take on such a role in love for his people. To be honest, Jeremiah is a pretty bleak book in the Bible, where the prophet Jeremiah foretells the fall of his people and the incredible violence they will face as a result of their own moral failings. But, in the middle of it all, the prophet takes an aside to remind us of God’s healing love. According to Jeremiah, there is hope for the future after the violence that his people will see because God offers healing in the aftermath. God “will restore health to you”, Jeremiah writes, “and your wounds [he] will heal” (Jeremiah 30: 17). And just as God promises to heal the wounds and scars of Judah, God also promises to heal our own wounds and scars.