God the Just

Youth Daily Devotional Blog: 07/17

Written by: Intern Sam B. Nguyen
Scripture Reading: Isaiah 56: 1-8
I’ve been thinking a lot about what “Justice” means lately. In an age where it’s becoming increasingly clear that the original definers of justice have gotten it wrong, I think it’s a valid place of spiritual exploration. When the greatest robberies are being done by the law makers, when the greatest violence is being done by the protectors, when the greatest lies are being made those in power, “Justice” becomes difficult to pin down. Clearly, our perspectives on what “Justice” is has been flawed for a while. But why? Where can we turn to in order to reframe our “Justice” towards something that… feels right. We need to redefine “Justice” as something that is grounded in the good of people and in altruism — that is, the good of others rather than yourself.

As Christians, I think that the only place that makes sense for us to turn to is that authority that we hold above the law and the world: God. Where does our faith point us in defining “Justice”? I think that today’s passage is one that might offer at least a small part of how God wants us to define “Justice”. This passage speaks for God and reflects a just response to injustice. Here, we see God encouraging us to act against that which separates us. According to this passage, God’s justice is not grounded in divisions. Rather, it is built to unite God’s children and loved ones. While some may look towards outsiders and define them as “unjust”, God makes clear that his justice is, at its core, invitational. It accepts all into its arms. Therefore, I think, “Justice” as God defines it is whatever can be done to make sure that we continue to accept others.