God the Powerful

Youth Daily Devotional Blog: 0/15

Written by: Intern Sam B. Nguyen
Scripture Reading: Psalm 18: 6-19

We often look at God and think of God in his loving character and his gentle love. God is soft and kind. God is forgiving and understanding. But I also think that we need to see God in his overwhelming, powerful love. God’s love isn’t just a gentle breeze; it is also a violent storm. And in moments when we are feeling the most attacked or moments when we are feeling burdened, that face of God is what we need.

This passage in the Book of Psalms reminds us exactly how powerful God is, and how God’s love can rush and entangle us like a heavy ocean wave. The poetry of this psalm uses imagery that compares God to the incredible strength of nature itself. Mountains tremble before God’s power and his voice erupts in flame and thunder. He is surrounded by thick black clouds and breaks through them with bright light. The Psalm depicts an almost mythologic character of strength and war. And in the midst of this imagery, the writer centers an act of love. God does not strike down anyone or smite anyone here. In fact, the central action taken by the character of God as written in this psalm is one of protection. God sweeps the writer away from evil, supports him in the face of his enemies, and pulls him away from harm. Even with the strength of mountains and storms, God is centered in this act of love.