At FUMC Chula Vista, you’ll always find yourself as part of our family in Christ. With our open hearts, open minds, and open doors, we’re here to welcome you as you are! There’s a place for everyone – anywhere from our Life Groups, worship services, prayer groups, to our ministry in the community and mission opportunities. FUMC Chula Vista is a place where we come together to transform ourselves to better serve the world in God’s name.
Everyone is warmly welcomed at FUMC of Chula Vista and encouraged to find meaningful and rewarding ways to become involved. Everyone learns and grows at their own pace. Here, you will find the tools and the environment through worship, fellowship, study and prayer…the change, however, takes place only through the transforming grace of God. Join us in His name, and He will definitely meet you here.
At FUMC of Chula Vista, everyone is invited to experience the passion of Christ in a loving, welcoming and spirit-filled environment. No matter where you are in your search for a relationship with Jesus Christ, our doors are open. We are a diverse, inter-generational family of worshipers with vast experiences and levels of spiritual maturity. We are blessed to share in the knowledge and life lessons of our brothers and sisters.
First United Methodist Church of Chula Vista is a big community with an even bigger heart, that believes all of us are deserving of Christ’s love & grace. When we say that you’re part of our family, we mean it. This community of faith invites you to join this journey as followers of Jesus Christ.


As the Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted, FUMCCV has transitioned to in-person and live-streaming Sunday worship at 9:30 AM (in our Sanctuary) and 11 AM (in our Fellowship Hall). To protect those among us who are vulnerable or not yet vaccinated, we ask that you wear a mask during each service.

In-person and online Sunday Worship times:

Fellowship Hall

Become a Member of FUMCCV

The pandemic has taught us many things… one is the importance of our spiritual community that grounds us, comforts us, and guides us during difficult times in life. We know many of you are thankful for FUMCCV during these challenging times, and some of you have found FUMCCV to be your spiritual home only during these last 11 months marked by the pandemic. For those of you new to the congregation, we welcome you and are thankful that God has led you here. If there are any who would like to be members, please consider the following options.

  1. You may have taken the Inquirer’s Course or Orientation 101 in the past and did not become a member at that time, but you are ready now – email Pastor Brian and let him know:
  2. You have not taken any of the in-person courses but are ready to become a member or explore becoming a member. Take the online version of Orientation 101 at the following link: Once you have completed all modules Pastor Brian will be notified, and he will be in contact with you.

For those in either of these categories above, we will gather you together (virtually), record the membership ceremony, and then play it in one of the upcoming worship services. If you are not sure which, if any, of the categories you fit in above, reach out to Pastor Brian, and we will make sure to walk you through the process.