Imagine the Way It Could Be

It is no secret that there are hard issues facing our world today and good, smart, thoughtful, and faithful people on every side of every issue.   Too often in faith communities we put a premium on harmony and therefore only discuss the topics that we all agree on so as not to create discontent in a congregation.  This may serve the goal of not creating discontent in our congregations but this way is a detriment to how the world sees Christianity. The result can often be that the world would say, “Christianity is irrelevant because Christians don’t discuss or take action on any of the really important issues in our culture and world.”  In other words we become people who just want to ‘get along’ rather than ‘make a difference.’ If this were true we would be a great disappointment to the ministry of Jesus. Imagine if we could talk together about these hard issues, imagine if we can agree on some, imagine if we can civilly disagree on others, imagine if we really looked deep in the scriptures and prayer to discover God’s will in the various subjects.  This sermon series won’t always be comfortable and it may touch a nerve or two, but we promise it will thoughtful, respectful and biblical.