Jesus on Call-Outs

Youth Daily Devotional Blog 05/21

Written by: Intern Sam B. Nguyen
Scripture Reading: Luke 17:1-4

The church is, at its core, a community. Many of us might look at the word “church” and come up with different meanings and connotations. To some, it is an organization. To others, it is a place. To more still, it is a series of beliefs and rules that tell you how to live. Ultimately, though, it is simply a group of people. And this group of people relies on each other, for our faith and our body.

There are many functions that the church community serves for its members, but one that I’d like to particularly focus in on is one that might make some of us uncomfortable. Reprimanding and guiding. Largely speaking, most of us are comfortable living and letting live. It can be odd to point out the things in our Christian siblings that we feel are harmful or concerning, especially since we are usually pretty close those people. I think it’s fair to not want to rock the boat or cause trouble by bringing up the ways that we disagree with others.

However, Jesus reminds us in this passage that it is right of us to speak with our Christ-family when they do things that trouble us or that we recognize as sinful. Now, this isn’t to say that we are excused in being aggressive or rude, but it should be encouraged to meet others on their level and speak openly when we see concerning or harmful behavior. And, as Jesus continues to show us, we have to meet that sort of “calling-out” with equal parts of forgiveness and love.