Kairos Cookies

It’s time for Kairos weekend at R.J. Donovan Prison.  Kairos will be administering to 4 yards this Fall.  Yards A,B,C and D will be participating in the Kairos event in October 2019.  For those who wish to participate by baking cookies, the time is now.

The Kairos weekend will be October 17th – October 20th, 2019.  All cookies need to be delivered Sunday October 13th, 2019.  The cookies should be 1 dozen, packed in a freezer bag (zip-loc style), so the prison can inspect them.  If nuts are included please mark the bag accordingly.  (Please do not use tinfoil or wire twist ties) Deliver the cookies to the church office or narthex.  I will pick them up Sunday morning.  Again thank you for your support to the men that will be participating in this event.  I also ask for prayerful support once more during this event.