Orientation 101 Online

Please review the overall steps below for completing Orientation 101 Online. When you are ready to take the course, click the begin button at the bottom of this webpage.
STEP 1: Online Learning – What it means to be United Methodist
This online course is designed for new United Methodists and anyone wanting to learn more about what it means to be a United Methodist. Whether you are new or a seasoned United Methodist, we encourage you take this course because we are always learning and growing in our faith. This course includes 4 modules that contain many interactive features. Each module takes approximately one hour to complete. Once completed you will move on to step 2.
STEP 2: Two Surveys
You will need to complete two online surveys, a Gifts and Talents Survey and a Spritiual Gifts Assessment. Upon completion, you will want to print/save a copy of the results as they will be discussed in your meetings in Step 3.
STEP 3: Two Meetings
Upon completion of STEP 2: Two Online Surveys, you will be contacted to schedule two meetings. One meeting will be with a Lay Leader in which you will discuss the results of the Gifts and Talents Survey as well as any questions you might have for someone who has been a leader at FUMCCV for many years. The second meeting will be with the Pastor in which you will discuss the results of the Spritiual Gifts Assessment and again have the opportunity to ask any questions about FUMCCV.
Note: The steps outlined above will be emailed to you in detail upon your registration of Orientation 101 OnlineClick “Begin Now” below to start the process.