Life Groups

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What is a Life Group?

A LIFE Group is a gathering of people, a small group that will meet between 2-4 times a month. You can begin to picture and pray for a group learning about one another, lifting each other up, going through LIFE together, studying the Word together, celebrating victories, mourning the defeats, learning from our pasts, helping each other grow for the future, and helping each other deepen our connection to the God of all life.

Why join a Life Group?

Spiritual growth happens best in a small group of like-minded people with mutual support and encouragement. Christianity is relational in nature as we are pursuing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and there is nothing better the assist us on our journey than real relationships with others.

What does a Life Group do?

There are four primary foci of a LIFE Group:
  1.  Study – with the support of church staff you will choose the subject matter and study together each time you meet (you might study a book of the bible, a subject like forgiveness, or a practical topic like Christian parenting, etc.).
  2. Care – you will become the primary congregational caregivers to one another; someone is sick and needs meals you will provide this for one another, someone is going through a tough time you will check in with them often, someone is celebrating a great event you will be there for them.
  3. Serve – a couple times a year the LIFE Group (with the support of the Missions Team) will identify a service project and participate as a team. You are free to choose a project that is near and dear to the people in the LIFE Group and to serve as you desire. This is simply a way of sharing God’s love together with the world as a group.
  4. Outreach – a couple times a year you will design a fun time for the LIFE group members to enjoy and you will each invite a friend(s) to join you. This is a great way of introducing your un-churches friends/family/co-workers to meet the church and grow a little deeper. Who knows one of these friends might just want to join the group, might want to join the church and might come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and that is the ultimate goal of all Christian activity.

Who will be in my Life Group?

Each group consists of 10-12 other folks from FUMCCV. These groups work best when people are assembled by lifestyle and affinity (for ex. Families with young children, working professionals, retirees). This is the case most often just because of meeting days and locations are hard to organize; however, we have seen groups be very successful with people who seem from the outset to have very little in common and together they discover a great connection. When a group is launched there is always a feeling out time of about 4 meetings after which people can commit to stay with the group or find another group that works better for them. A group generally stays together for a year then re-evaluates whether to continue, stop meeting all together, or add a few more people into the mix.

Who will lead my Life Group?

Support will be provided to any person or pair who is willing to lead a LIFE Group. Anyone with a commitment to Christ and an open and willing heart can lead. Lay people are trained and supported by church staff to provide leadership, and the staff of the church are always nearby to provide support, guidance and resourcing.
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