Mexico Mission

Here at FUMCCV we believe in helping those within the church community to enhance the quality of life and thus our relation with God. Annually, our volunteers travel down to Ensenada, Mexico to improve existing conditions and infrastructure for the local families.
This is one of FUMC Chula Vista’s most highly anticipated annual missions project. Partnering with the Yugo Ministries, we aim to promote opportunities to proclaim the Gospel. The Ensenada Outreach Center (EOC) camp is located in a small, quiet suburb of Ensenada, called Chapultepec. The villages and communities served are further south in the fields and rural areas on the outskirts of Ensenada. There is much work that needs be done in these communities. The EOC is committed to the ideal that all of our work will be done through the local church, with local support and leadership. We have, and continue to develop, strong connections with pastors, churches, and civic leaders throughout the area.

Mexico 2023

Depart: Thursday, January 12, 2023 (2 pm FUMCCV parking lot)
Return: Monday, January 16, 2023 (before noon)
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