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Financial Update #7

Poinsettia Orders

Honor someone you love and appreciate, remember a loved one, or celebrate a special occasion by placing an order for a beautiful poinsettia to be displayed in the sanctuary from December 22-24. Pick up an order form this Sunday in your bulletin or place an order with the office by phone or email ( Each poinsettia is $12, payable by cash or check, either paper or online. Monday, December 16th is the last day to place an order so don’t wait!

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Financial Update #5

Financial Stewardship Campaign Update, Week #5
Campaign results:
Total Pledge Cards received to date: 124 = $490,640 41
pledgers increased by $24,960 for a total of $223,420 average increase is 13%
56 pledgers made no change from 2019 for a total of $218,075
15 pledgers decreased by $11,144 for a total of $39,260
12 new pledgers total $9,885 27 2019 pledgers have not yet pledged for 2020 (2019 pledges totaled $46,170)
Many thanks to everyone who made a financial commitment to the church for the coming year! This generous giving will do so much more than balance a budget, you continue to be the bloodline of this church, and your promise is ensuring the future of our ministry continues to make a difference! A special thanks to the 41 pledgers who are increasing their giving in 2020 and the12 “new” pledges. Your sacrificial giving, support, and practical action are a real encouragement to me and will encourage others in our church as they make their own response. 
If you have not yet made your 2020 pledge, please do so ASAP.  You can submit your pledge to the Church office, or on the church website  It is essential that everyone makes a pledge every year – this is the most important tool the Finance Committee has in setting the ministry budgets for the coming year. Every pledge counts! Please be prayerful and deliberate in your financial commitment to the church.

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