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Art of Prayer Sermon Series


Prayer is a central, maybe even THE central, component of our relationship with God and yet in every poll of Christians ever taken about prayer the vast majority of people say that their prayer life is lacking. Most of us would faint on the spot if someone asked us pray out loud publicly. For most, prayer life is comprised of a litany of things they wish for God to do; should there be more? Many of us are very comfortable accomplishing the Christian disciplines of worshipping, studying and serving with others but we are very uncomfortable praying with others.  This three week sermon series is going to help us dip into the Art of Prayer.  We will focus on praying for others, listening to God as a means of prayer and praying prayers of thanksgiving rather than request.  In each worship service there will be a special time dedicated to practicing prayer (no, you won’t be asked to pray in public on the spot), but you will learn, deepen and hopefully cherish pray a little more after this series.              

SD Gay Men’s Chorus

Sunday, November 3rd at 4 PM

“Under the leadership of Artistic Director RC Haus and Executive Director Bob Lehman, the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus is celebrating its 34th anniversary of changing lives one voice at a time.  With more than 300 members, it is one of the largest gay choruses in the world and has sung at locations including the White House, the Super Bowl and Lincoln Center. The group’s official mission is to create a positive musical experience through exciting performances that engage audiences, build community support and provide a dynamic force for social change.” Join us Sunday, November 3rd at 4 PM as they present their concert entitled “Thankful.” It’s sure to be a great time!

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    Irresistible Men’s Bible Study

    Men’s bible study, beginning October 9 thru November 13, 2019. 
    Wednesday nights at 6:30pm in the Disciples Lounge
    Irresistible – Reclaiming the New that Jesus Unleashed for the World

    Once upon a time there was a version of our faith that was practically . . . irresistible.

    But that was then. Today we preach, teach, write, and communicate as if nothing has changed. As if “The Bible says it” still settles it.

    It’s time to hit pause on much of what we’re doing and consider the faith modeled by our first-century brothers and sisters who had no official Bible, no status, and humanly speaking, little chance of survival.

    What made their message so compelling, so defensible, so irresistible?

    What did they know that we don’t?

    Buckle up . . . you’re about to find out. In this six-session video study, Andy Stanley will invite you to embrace the version of faith that, against all odds, initiated a chain of events resulting in the most significant and extensive cultural transformation the world has ever seen. A version we must embrace if we are to be salt and light in an increasingly savorless and dark world.