Habitat for Humanity

This Habitat Build is organized especially for San Diego United Methodists and will be held on Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd. You can sign up for a half day or full day of work. There will be two on site work locations in either El Cajon or Logan Heights. Limited space is available. 
Please contact Tim Speller for more information at or (619) 651-5386. 
*If you are interested and are able to help with funding, Thrivent Financial will match donations dollar by dollar*

A Pastoral Letter

A Pastoral Letter for the FUMCCV family regarding the Special Session of General Conference
Today the delegates of the Special General Conference of the UMC passed the Traditional Plan by a vote of 53%. My day has been consumed with this action and subsequent conversations. I sat to write this response many times but the words are hard to come by to capture the magnitude of this day as a United Methodist. You might say I was at a loss for words, and those of you that know me, know the improbability of me being short on words. Finally, I decided that I would simply share my day and my emotions with you.
My day began with the usual Tuesday morning worship planning meeting with our program staff. It was not an easy task to plan for this coming Sunday since we did not yet know the outcome of the Special Session of General Conference. We did know the probable outcome of a vote that endorsed the Traditional Plan, a plan that could drastically change the nature of the UMC and FUMCCV. Honestly, we did not accomplish much in this meeting that eventually ended with a time of tear filled prayer (and I am not usually the tearful sort), but today the fracture of the denomination that we love was fully evident and a cause for tears.
As the day progressed the votes were counted and the votes were painful:
  • votes were passed to protect the financial stability of pastors desiring to leave the denomination
  • votes were passed to strengthen language prohibiting ministry to and from members of the LBGTQ community
  • votes were passed to assist congregations to leave the denomination
As the votes were counted and the news spread the calls, emails and texts began to arrive in my inbox. Everyone wanted to know what this meant, specifically what these votes meant for FUMCCV. The most painful questions came from the members of our FUMCCV family who identify as LGBTQ — they were asking me, their pastor, if given these votes from the General Conference they would still be welcome at FUMCCV this coming Sunday. Can you imagine that……having to ask your Pastor whether your family was welcome to attend their church this weekend?
I have been your Pastor for nine years now and have come to know the rich history and powerful ministry of this congregation that stands 125+ years old.
  • I have heard stories of how our church began because farming families in the south were separated from the church in the far northern regions of National City due to floods so we started a church to make sure those folks knew they too were welcome.
  • I have heard stories of Vietnamese families sponsored and adopted by FUMCCV following the Vietnam War letting these families know they too were welcome.
  • I have heard stories and served this congregation as we reached Spanish speaking families who did not always find welcome in our community but knew they were always welcome at FUMCCV.
These stories, and others, are consistent with my experience of a congregation who, for decades, has been open and affirming to persons who identify as LGBTQ.
  • We have welcomed the children of same gender couples into our PreSchool when other local church PreSchools turned them away
  • We have had staff people and lay leadership who were hired and nominated for their gifts & abilities when other churches turned them away due to their sexual preference.
  • We have walked with families as they nurtured their children through the minefields of gender identity
  • We have provided spiritual home to people who have been turned away, outcast, demonized and ostracized by other churches and the world because they identify as LGBTQ.
Honestly, when I was appointed as your Pastor in the summer of 2010 and discovered that you were this kind of community I was humbled to have the opportunity to serve alongside you as a welcome voice to a hurting world. I know some of you are especially hurting now because of these decisions.
  • You are the LGBTQ folks who are identified as incompatible with Christian teaching by the votes of our Denomination
  • You are the parents of Gay and Lesbian children
  • You are the grandparents of children born and raised into LGBTQ families
  • You are the allies of LGBTQ brothers and sisters simply wanting a spiritual home
As your Pastor, let me just say YES, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE WELCOME HERE AT FUMCCV, all are welcome here at FUMCCV, because when the Gospel says that all are welcome, we believe that means ALL ARE WELCOME. There is great uncertainty about what will happen with the denomination and let me be the first to say that is distressing. Many of the petitions that were passed at General Conference have already been found by our Church Court to be unconstitutional, which means they may never go into affect. There promises to be multiple years of transition ahead where votes may be nullified due to unconstitutionally, new conservative or progressive denominations are established and new votes perhaps are taken. There is much uncertainty at the denominational level.
There is no uncertainty about how we will proceed at FUMCCV.
  • We will continue to be a church that welcomes all because Jesus welcomed all
  • We will continue to serve the least, lost and lowest because Jesus served the least, lost and lowest
  • We will continue to be a healing presence in the world because Jesus was the great physician
  • We will continue to be a means of grace for everyone seeking God because God is grace
  • We will continue to make new and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world because that is what our Lord asked of us
I invite you, I implore you, to show up in church this coming Sunday (8 am, 930 am, 11 am). Your presence will tell the others in the room and the world that you believe it when the scriptures say in Romans 8, “nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.” You showing up this Sunday is a statement about who were are at FUMCCV. We are FUMCCV Strong and with the strength of our church family and the grace of God, who can stand in our way? This Sunday let us be the church together….perhaps not always in agreement about all things but always in agreement that God loves all.
It has been a long day and I end this day with you all in my prayers,
Pastor Brian
ps. Click here to find a plethora of information about the Special Session of General Conference
pss. please forward this email to everyone you know that has ever been a part of FUMCCV so that they too can join us in body or spirit this coming Sunday

Lent Daily Devotional

This Lent we will be spending our Sundays together thinking about the places and ways that we can decrease and God can increase.   We invite you to also spend a few minutes each day working on this life long challenge.  Click Here to download a prayer calendar that stretches through the Season of Lent.  Each day has a scripture to be read and a word or phrase to use in a meditative prayer of decrease.

Mexico 2019

This coming January 2019, a team of 71 children and adults from FUMCCV will be traveling to Ensenada, Mexico to partner with YUGO Ministries in a house building project for four families in need.
YUGO is an international missions organization that houses offices in Canada, the United States, and Mexico and focuses on proclaiming the Gospel in three main ways: outreach, discipleship, and orphan care. We are excited to be a part of changing the lives of the families we work with and their community, just south of the border.
Our church has been involved with YUGO Ministries for many years. Not only will two adult teams be able to build two separate homes but our church’s Youth Group made up of tweens and teens, and a group of interns will take full ownership of a separate build of a fourth home. This mission experience will truly be transformational in ways that are both challenging and meaningful to every member on our build team, as well as the families receiving the blessing of a home to call their own.
Because this is a mission trip, all funds are to be raised and our team needs to raise $30,000 to make this trip of building four homes possible. We re thrilled to report that we have already raised $17,500 which means only $12,500 is needed in order to fully fund the Mission Trip. On behalf of the Mexico Mission Team, we would like to invite you to be a part of this transformative experience by donating to this cause. All contributions will go toward covering the costs of transportation, building materials, furnishings, and bettering the lives of the families we work with.
You can make a donation in the offering plate on Sunday, in the church office, or by clicking HERE.
Contact Jen Fuentecilla at for questions or more information.
Thank you for your help!

A Way Forward

September 16, 2018, Bishop Grant Hagiya, a member of the Commission on A Way Forward, presented the report by the Commission to South District congregations and explain possible impacts on the United Methodist Church. His presentation will include changes which could restructure the framework of the denomination. The entire presentation is available to view here: