Notre-Dame Design Contest

Our sister, Jennifer Cole and her college friend, Michael Snyder, from Pennsylvania, have been blessed with an inspiration to share on a global level. They have submitted a powerful design for The People’s Notre-Dame Design Competition in response to the devastating fire this past year.  They are currently in the top 15-20 out of hundreds of entrants from around the world. They need many, many more votes to move ahead.

You can see the design, read more about it and also vote at:

They have done a wonderful job of weaving important questions and principles of the Christian faith in to the architectural design….this is more than a building, it is a statement about who God is and what God desires for us…..unity, discipleship, mercy, service, love and more have a central part in their design.  While many of the designs lack theology or service to humanity, Jen and Michael started with these central elements of Christianity as the foundation for their design.

Public voting ends 7/31, you are encouraged to vote and share with others the invitation to vote also.  Please vote for submission 10297 and share!!