Passing on Kindness

Youth Daily Devotional Blog: 07/01

Written by: Intern Sam B. Nguyen
Scripture Reading: Matthew 19:23-34

There’s a creative company I follow, Humans of New York, which collects and shares stories from everyday people living in New York City. Some of them are mundane, and some are incredible. Some are difficult to read, they make my eyes well up with tears and my breath catch in my throat. Some are a simple breeze to go through, refreshing and light. What I am always stunned by, what causes me to stop in my tracks, lean back, and just feel that quiet divinity of God laced in our every day lives, is the kindness that outlines so many of these stories. In many of these stories, people recount how they have been affected by the kindness of others and how they hope to pass on that kindness.

I think Jesus is just as filled with love when seeing this kindness. The parable for today is one that is grounded in that kindness, and shares with us a dark reflection of a world where we fail to pass on that kindness. Here, Jesus tells the story of a man who has been shown an act of kindness; A debt he owed to a king has been forgiven and the king let him go. However, as he leaves the king’s presence, he turns to another person who owes him money and immediately goes to make the other person repay the debt. He fails to reflect the kindness that the king showed him, and for this, the king reinstates his debt and punishes him severely.

It’s clear how God hopes for us to act in response to the overwhelming kindness that God has put upon us. We should pass it on, not only returning the kindness to God, but blessing others with it as well.