The Character of God

Youth Daily Devotional Blog: 07/13

Written by: Intern Sam B. Nguyen
Scripture Reading: Exodus 34: 6-8
Any relationship therapist or scholar can tell you that one of the most important parts of any relationship is simply know each other. In any marriage, friendship, or even familial relationship, understanding and being familiar with each other is at the core. So, it should follow that in our relationship with God, mutual understanding should be a major part of how we build that relationship, at its foundation.

Now, God knows us, that much is clear. But how much do we know God? In many ways, the history of humanity’s relationship with God has  featured that as part of the struggle we have in our relationship with God. We are, have been, and will be always struggling to know God better. But, looking in the Bible, we can see many moments that help us in knowing God.

This passage here is interesting because it is one of the earliest moments in the Bible that God explicitly describes himself. We see God come down to speak with Moses, prepared to build the covenant with the Hebrew people that will define their history for ages to come. It really is the beginning of God’s biblical relationship with humanity through the Hebrews, wherein God lays all the cards on the table. God describes himself as kind and loving, but also just. Although God is ready to forgive wrongdoing and sin, he reminds us his justice includes admonishment for sin. And, just as we are in awe of God’s greatness and love, Moses is overcome with God, immediately bowing his head. Despite the complications of humanity, this description of God remains true throughout the ages. God is loving and kind. God is just and powerful.