Volunteers Wanted!

We are looking for a volunteer to build each week’s slide show for worship. This volunteer will be needed about 1 hour a week on-site to input the week’s hymns, scriptures, and liturgy into Pro Presenter. Please contact Taylor Binney at taylor.binney@fumccv.org for more information or if you are interested.
We are also looking for a few volunteers to help count tithes and offerings and to help prepare the Pathways. Counting happens either Sunday mornings after service or Monday mornings at 9:15 in the office. Preparing the Pathways (folding and/or addressing) happens the last Tuesday of every month at 9:00 AM in the office. If you are interested in either of these volunteer positions, please contact Taylor Binney at
taylor.binney@fumccv.org or call the office at (619) 656-2525.