Willing to be Annoying

Youth Devotional Blog 05/15

Written by: Intern Sam B. Nguyen
Scripture Reading – Luke 11:5-8
I remember when I was a young child I was pretty annoying. I remember once, when I was in a particularly hungry mood, I had asked my mother to make me lunch for what I am told was a whole half of an hour, until my mom made me something. While I can look back on this moment, and plenty others, as a particularly funny moment of my childhood life, I can’t help but wonder when I lost that kind of perseverance. I think that children have an incredible capacity to cling onto things that they’ve set their minds on that older folks just don’t quite have. We tend to seek things and use whatever methods we have at our disposal to pursue what we want. But we often stop at the line of being annoying.

In this short passage, Jesus offers an amusing perspective on the kind of annoying perseverance that many of us are so hesitant to employ. In this short story, he depicts two friends, one of whom needs to borrow some bread. The other refuses because the first friend has come to ask at midnight, long after bedtime. According to Jesus, while the bread may not be lent on the value of friendship alone, if you persevere and are annoying enough, you’ll get the bread.

In that same way, we should employ a level of perseverance in our lives, in prayer, in worship, and in love, to the point that it may be annoying. Not only should we be annoying in seeking bread, we should be annoying in seeking God.