Words of Gold and Silver

Youth Devotional Blog 05/14

Written by: Intern Sam B. Nguyen
Scripture Reading – Proverbs 25:11-13
As we find ourselves continuing our time in quarantine, I’m sure that plenty of us are starting to grow exhausted with those that we’ve been forced to spend all of our time with. For some, that may manifest as rising tension or carelessness with how we speak to our friends/family/roommates. For others, that may manifest in self-inflicted isolation, as they are overwhelmed with the forced shared social space. What’s most tragic to see, I think, is how often we’ve allowed our behavior to turn to petty harshness towards those who we are quarantined with. It should be clear to us all that building negative feelings helps no one in this trying time.

There is something incredibly powerful in the words we say and the things we do. Their effect on other people can have far more weight than we realize, especially when our social interaction is so limited. I’m reminded of a wisdom that an early professor of mine imparted on my class. “Our words are the main way that we interact with each other. They are one of the most powerful things we have. Be careful with them.”

King Solomon, the Hebrew king divinely blessed with wisdom, echoes this sentiment in Psalm 25, where he describes careful speaking as “like apples of gold in a setting of silver.” Clearly, both God and the Hebraic people understood the power held within words. Even in the creation story, we are reminded that God spoke life into motion. And just as God moves creation with his words, we move each other with ours. We should take care to do that well.