FUMC.CV Preschool

Our Philosophy

The First United Methodist Preschool is a nonprofit school providing children with an environment of happy experiences beyond their immediate world of family and neighborhood. We offer exposure to mature, experienced teachers who radiate warmth and joy of daily Christian living and who encourage children to practice the skill of thinking instead of being told what to think. We believe that association with comtemporaries helps children to develop attitudes towards themselves and others that are basic to their learning to live as an individual in a democracy.

The First United Methodist Church of Chula Vista has full legal responsibility and is in operational control of the school. The school is included in the church’s articles of incorporation and is administered by the Board of Trustees and the Church Council. The Preschool Board serves as the advisory committee to the Director and the Preschool Staff. The Preschool is fully licensed by the State Department of Social Services.


staff photo-june&cheri
June Close and Cheri O’neill
The staff is well qualified, experienced, and have the necessary college units and certificates needed for Early Childhood Education. All Staff are CPR and First Aid certified. All classes have comfortable ratio of children to teachers. There are two teachers in each class and three in classes with the youngest students. 

Our Goals

  • Help children develop wholesome attitudes about themselves, towards others and society in which they live
  • Help children feel secure and successful away from the home, and become familiar with a group setting.
  • Help children develop self-expression, self-control, responsibility, and release creativity
  • Provide children with opportunities for small and large muscle development through the use of a wide variety of equipment
  • Develop in children the interest and joy in learning through developmentally appropriate curriculum.
  • Help children grow in self-awareness, self-confidence and in awareness of God and the child’s part of the relationship.





Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Part time and full time schedules available
  • 4 week summer session
  • School year follows the Chula Vista Elementary School District Calendar
  • Lunch is served at 12:00pm and is prepared on site daily

For More Information

Preschool office: 619-482-8228